This was originally published in’s management coaching newsletter, LeadersEdge, on March 3, 2021.

Next week will mark a one-year milestone … one year since the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the coronavirus outbreak was officially a pandemic.

It’s been one year since I visited a client station—WTHR in Indianapolis on March 12. To my friends there… thank you again for the best visit of 2020. J

And next week, it will be one year since all of us were forced to pivot.

I remember in February 2020 asking our JDA tech guru, Matt Snelson, to ensure we would be able to be work virtually, after listening to more news on the virus. We got out in front of it, and yet even those pre-pandemic moves didn’t prepare us completely for the seismic shift in how we work and live today.

Every single one of us has been impacted in small and large ways over the last 12 months. As you think about this milestone and how you might play it out with your team next week, here’s a thought:

Get ahead of your sales meeting by giving your sellers homework this week. Ask them to come prepared to share answers to these questions and any others you might want to add:

  • What did you learn about yourself this past year?
  • What did you learn that was unexpected?
  • Was there anything you chose to explore further or improve your knowledge, or skillset, this past year?
  • What new categories or verticals did you call on?
  • Which local business, or businesses, did you help save or grow this past year?
  • Was there a local business whose marketing stood out to you over the last year?
  • What will you tell your grandchildren when asked about living through the 2020 pandemic?
  • How did you stay connected to others?
  • What did you do well during this time, and what could you have done better?

Encourage your sellers to put thought and time into answering these questions—and do it yourself as well.

I imagine there will be some amazing insights and inspiration gained, as you make the one-year anniversary an exercise in reflection.

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