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Delivering real-world, relevant, sales & marketing training that delivers results.


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Courses allow users to actively engage for faster comprehension and retention.


Allows assignment of courses, tracking, and reporting. Certifications available by course and level.

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What OnDemand Users Are Saying

Improve Account Executive’s sales skills, become a better leader, and create stronger marketing messages. It’s all here and ready for you.

We make you money. We make you better.

OnDemand is a great product. Easy to use, covers great topics and helps our sales team focus on the tasks that matter most. I love the ability to monitor the team’s progress to make sure our training continues year-round. It is also a great tool to use during sales meetings for topic specific discussions.

Brad Odil

Sales Manager, WBKO (Bowling Green, KY)

Our reps have learned to ask for bigger dollars. Before OnDemand we would have asked a client for $40K but instead closed $100K, another went from a $30k ask to a $60k close!… Our business has increased substantially! Double digit increases!

Rick Boots

Sales Manager, KTVA (Anchorage, AK)

Congratulations—I sincerely believe you’ve over delivered with your new training model—I will be in this all the time and will have a plan of action for each of my AEs—all levels—to make sure they take advantage of what you’ve given the TV SELLERS of the country. I’m glad I’m with a company that invests in their people / training. Just wanted to say thank you.

Bill Evans

Sales Manager, WLTZ (Columbus, GA)

I am enjoying the new “The Process of Closing” course. This is really helpful content that addresses some of my fears as a new Salesperson. Many thanks!


Jeanne Otis

Account Executive, WFFT (Fort Wayne, IN)

We love it! WE have been using OnDemand in Sales Meetings – one section per meeting for the EXPERIENCED AEs. Solid tips and information to RECALIBRATE the mindset of the experienced AE!

Ron Westwrick

Sales Manager, KVLY/KXJB (Fargo, ND)

When I think of OnDemand, I think immediately of instant creative ideas. Also, the virtual learning experience is amazing! There are different levels from beginner to advanced, no matter where you are in your sales career, you can access this library that can give you that idea that you might not of had otherwise. It allows you to be the best you can be.  

Brittany Beane

General Sales Manager, WKTV (Utica, NY)

I was amazed by how useful my first OnDemand learning course (VBR) was. It was very easy to follow and it gave me great tools I can apply to my work right away. Very excited to start taking more courses and turn that knowledge into money! 


Lucio Oliva

Account Executive, KUTH/SLC

I had high hopes for the OnDemand Virtual eLearning Platform and it is even better than I imagined. It’s great to see our staff engaging with the classes, improving their knowledge of the business overall, and the process of integrated marketing with clients. I’m taking the courses along with our Sales Manager. I’ve been doing this for a while, and I’ve learned a lot myself from the platform! I only wish we had done this sooner! 

Chris Bailey

General Manager, WFXB/WOLO (Myrtle Beach,SC)

OnDemand has been a game-changer for us. It allows the rookies to the experienced sellers to get information in a quick timely fashion especially with the OnDemand mobile app. Parking Lot Insights also gives us insight into categories we might not have thought about before. You can go from elementary school level to PHD graduate in the Television Sales industry just by utilizing the OnDemand virtual eLearning Platform!

Cy Prince

General Sales Manager, WJCL (Savannah, GA)

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Margie Chilson is a Senior Marketing Consultant for

Her vast experience includes nearly three decades in broadcast television and digital sales marketing, working in and with multiple markets and affiliations including Dallas-Fort Worth at WFAA, Denver at KUSA-KTVD, KMGH, KWGN, and as a team manager at Millennium Television Sales.

Margie’s years as a local seller were award-winning and inspiration for her jump to She exceeded new business and digital goals on a consistent basis at Belo Corp., Scripps, Tribune, and TEGNA Inc. stations. A true innovator, Margie pioneered job-sharing positions in Dallas and Denver, balancing hectic work schedules and family, paving the way for working parents with careers in media sales.

Margie is well known and respected for her diligence, drive, and new business results. Due to her years in the business as an account executive and sales leader, she knows the station environment well and can easily relate to local sellers as well as the most senior managers.

An alum of Oklahoma State University who graduated with Honors in Journalism Advertising, Margie boasts an outstanding track record of helping business owners strategically grow their revenue through broadcast, streaming and digital solutions.

Margie and her husband Tim have been married for 23 years. The couple and their two children live in Littleton, CO, a suburb of Denver. Their son, Ryan, attends the University of Colorado Boulder, and their daughter, Mary, is in high school.  In their spare time, the Chilsons enjoy travel, hiking in the picturesque Rocky Mountains, cooking, watching movies, and cheering on their kids in various sporting events.