The weekly magazine style coaching Blog offers bite sized content drawn from an impressive variety of thought leaders, exclusively geared towards managers in our industry. 

“Shouldn’t the real measure of an idea, system or approach to a problem be whether it actually works or not?”

 – Patrick Lencioni, The Ideal Team Player

LeadersEdge Teaches You How To:

  • Create a sales environment that embraces accountability and fun
  • Motivate your sales team to overachieve revenue goals
  • Lead engaging and effective sales meetings
  • Attract sales superstars, and keep them on the team
  • Become a great interviewer
  • Deal with “talented,” but difficult account executives
  • Eliminate low or non-performers from your team
  • Help your team prospect smarter, hunting elephants not mice

Weekly Topics Include:

  • Leadership
  • Hiring, Recruitment and Retention

  • Smart Sales Meeting Tactics

  • Hot Selling Ideas
  • Sales Promotions that Work
  • Building the Sales Team of the Future

  • Overcoming Objections
  • Creating Demand in a Lower Demand Time
  • If It Can’t Be Measured It Can’t Be Managed
  • Accountability

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Chip Fitzgerald

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Jeffrey Armstrong

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“Just a quick note of thanks … I was able to take away several tips I can work on to improve myself for the next step in this business!”

Ron Westrick

General Sales Manager, KVLY (Fargo, ND)

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Susan Craft

General Sales Manager, WAAY-TV (Huntsville, AL)

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