JDA Senior Marketing Consultant, Perry Kapiloff, wrote this article in honor of Veteran’s Day for our leadership coaching group and we wanted to share it with you.

On this Veteran’s Day, I’m reminded of great generals, like Dwight D. Eisenhower, who successfully led their troops into battle.

As Eisenhower readied his command and troops for the invasion at Normandy, every item was succinctly planned—where the paratroopers would land, which beach each battalion would land on. Every troop knew exactly what was expected of them and the sacrifice all involved would be making, in this case, for the good of the world. Through his communication, he inspired the foot soldier right up to the generals just below him in rank.

In my years as a JDA Senior Marketing Consultant, I have met many managers who inspire their teams with great skill in the same way that great generals do. So, what separates the great managers from the not-so-great ones? Great managers (and great generals) always have a plan and are able to communicate those plans to their teams in a manner that everyone understands. They explain the plan in clear detail, what’s expected of each, and how the plan will help the team accomplish their goal.

They don’t do it by instilling fear, but rather in a way that earns their team’s respect and trust, so they are willing to walk through any wall for them and for the good of the company.

Some have likened the fight against COVID as a war. At the very least it’s a time of high stress. Leading your team like a general by having a plan of attack for 2021 and clearly communicating it will lessen everyone’s stress and bring more successful outcomes to your organization.

And entering into this Holiday season, we are grateful to all the Veterans for their service.

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