One of the first New Year’s resolutions we would advise AEs to enact is to get back in touch with those they couldn’t meet with in the latter half of 2020. What we’ve found is that a surprising number of clients who said “no” in the early stages of COVID are saying “yes” for 2021.

Hard work does pay off, and part of that hard work is keeping in touch with the client.

Here are two astounding stats to consider:

  • 80% of sales require FIVE follow-up calls after the initial meeting
  • 44% of sales reps give up after ONE follow-up

Good grief… 44%? Even the strongest pitches and solutions will stall if the seller doesn’t follow up.

So, what holds an AE back? Insecurity? Fear? Lack of organization? Job disengagement? Procrastination? Or simply not wanting to be perceived as a “pesky salesperson”?

If your team is dealing with any of the above, or even pandemic sales fatigue, give them new marching orders for 1st Quarter: re-connect with the businesses they called on last year that didn’t close. 2021 may be a new beginning for them, and the perfect time to partner.

And don’t forget about your historical clients, those who used to be on air but stopped or pulled back in 2020. Early on in the pandemic, a marketing manager for a large casino told me that most of her sales reps had stopped calling because she’d pulled everything off the air. “I’m keeping track of their names and will remember this when we decide to advertise again,” she explained. That’s a powerful promise and a list I wouldn’t want my sellers to be on.

It’s worth your team’s time to make “one more call” – right now. And it may bring a few early sales to jumpstart the year.

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