Do your sellers know how much they put in their pocket with every sale?

Not too long ago, I was in a top-20 market when a seller excitedly told me they had just closed $80k with a digital solution. Doing the math in my head, I said, “So that means you just made $12k”… to which they responded, “Actually, I don’t know.” What a sad shock their response was, and as you might imagine, it drove a lot of discussion.

Conversely, last week I watched a Zoom call where one of our JDA UpgradeSelling® partners was celebrating two big new business closes with their Senior Marketing Consultant. Our Consultant asked how much he (the seller) would put in his pocket as a result of those two closes—to which the seller responded with a very specific commission number. Bravo!!

Not only did the seller get two steps closer to his annual new business goal and help two local businesses grow, he had a clear picture of the benefit to him and his family!

We know sellers are more motivated when a direct correlation can be drawn between a specific outcome and income. And, while I understand some digital products are paid net of expenses, working to make the mental calculation simple will further drive intended sales behavior.

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