For these dog days of summer, some things I’ve heard or read over the last 30 days that have me thinking.  Try these on for size:

“Problems force progress.” – heard on a Minecraft audiobook my son was listening to recently.

“Expectations never stay static–they go up. Yesterday’s ‘wow’ quickly becomes today’s ordinary.” –Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.  Read in Bezonomics: How Amazon is Changing our Lives and What the World’s Best Companies are Learning from It.

“Powerful people at the top are often not the problem. It’s often the people just below those powerful people that are trying to please them who make everything insane.” –John Mulaney, comedian.  Heard on podcast series Commencement: Speeches for the Class of 2020. 

“It’s easy to be kind.” –from a VP Sales of midsize media group

“Consistency helps transparency.” –from a Director of Sales in a Top-10 market

“Renovation can be harder than starting with a blank canvas.” –from Tom Ray, JDA Executive Vice President

“Most (media) companies are building for today, need to build for tomorrow.”  –from a President of a large broadcast media company

“It can be difficult to see the whole picture when you’re still in the frame.” –Tim Cook, Apple CEO. Heard on podcast series Commencement: Speeches for the Class of 2020. 

“We can either cut expenses or accelerate revenue.” –from a nonprofit employee/friend, reminding me business issues cut across all industries

Final thought: change can be good … actually, very good.

For example, I attended a wedding this weekend, in the backyard of my friend and father of the bride, Larry Wert … by Livestream!  It was lovely, more intimate, and enjoyable than I would have ever expected.

Stay cool and safe all.

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