Obsession by Calvin Klein—hands down.

While at home working, I received an invitation from one of our partner stations to join a Zoom presentation for a new advertiser. It was a big prospect, and the presentation was in 90 minutes. The invite was unexpected, and I was un-showered and unshaven.

Of course, I accepted.

I immediately showered, shaved, and put on a suit, tie and pocket square, just as I if I were joining the meeting in person. Next, I reached for my favorite cologne, Obsession (it always draws compliments).

I paused and laughed. I’m putting on cologne for a Zoom meeting. What an idiot! Then I answered my inner heckler, Yeah, but it makes me feel my best.

Two spritzes around the neck.

This was a big pitch. Why would I do anything short of my usual confidence-boosting “feel my best” routine? In person or virtual, I’m in front of an important prospect, so I want to bring my “A” game.

We are months into virtual selling and the temptation may be to relax our standards. But on video calls, you’re on stage, just as you are in person. The way you look—your physical appearance—is a key element in making a great impression, and projecting credibility and competence leads to trust. Therefore, you need to dress and groom like your job is to close deals.

Whatever your “feel my best,” “bring my ‘A’ game” routine used to be, don’t abandon it just because your next presentation is on Zoom or Teams. Video call versus face-to-face, work-from-home vs. in-person, if you’re selling, it’s important to bring your best you … and if a couple of spritzes of your finest cologne is your finishing touch, I say, “Go for it!”

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