The “Why” Behind our Hummingbird Logo

2020 was a year of transformation for many businesses and ours was no different.  Capitalizing on our own leadership change, we took the opportunity to revisit our name, reassess our north star and align more boldly to our company’s personality and value.

“” highlights our expertise in the ever-changing media landscape.  And our fresh new logo is punctuated by a memorable Hummingbird we’ve affectionately christened as “Max.”

Hummingbirds, such as Max, share important characteristics with our staff as well as the company’s overarching tone, and purpose. These sun-drenched avian species are truly remarkable, fast, agile, laser-focused, and unusually productive in their environment. Speed is among their greatest strengths, in addition to vision.

They are also known for unparalleled perseverance; a creature that’s light as air, with boundless strength, an immense heart, and speed to rival the Space Shuttle.  Hummingbirds are bold, seamlessly moving backward and forward, even upside down. They instantaneously change direction with gravity-defying endurance and can stay suspended in the air for up to an hour at a time, which requires an extraordinary skill set uncommon among peers. shares a lot in common with Max … a collective strength, extremely productive for our size, the capacity to shift gears quickly, and strong mental acuity. These are the reasons we chose the mighty Hummingbird as our icon.