One of the many things I love about our JDA experts—our Senior Marketing Consultants, Pat Norris and Tom Ray—is their continual drive for personal growth. Their ‘never settle,’ curious and open mindset. In the last 60 days, one item seemed to resonate with this group on their continual growth quest (thank you Tom Ray for uncovering it).

That one thing was purchasing and reading Virtual Selling by Jeb Blount.

If you don’t have the book yet—if you haven’t read it or purchased it for your sellers—pause reading this and click the link above now. Seriously.

One may think virtual selling is utilizing Zoom or Microsoft teams. It is, and it is not only. As Jeb notes, it is also video messages, phone calls, live chat, and texting—blended with email, messaging, voice mail, social, and snail mail. To be effective, one must master, learn to blend or interconnect, all virtual forms of selling to break out of the clutter.

Like many of my cohorts, I loved this book. It’s a fast read, and I imagine most will finish it over a weekend. Jeb tackles the subject on a gritty level, using ‘in your face’ language that forces you to sit up, pay attention, and grow. As professionals, consuming books like this is imperative to our success. I promise it will help you and your team close more new local business. (And no, we are not getting a royalty from Jeb Blount!)

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