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The UpgradeSelling® program works because it’s an immersive, high-touch, partnership that creates winning sales cultures.  Our marketing based program will:


    • Generate significant new and incremental revenue
    • Reduce new business churn
    • Improve closing ratios
    • Increase average order size and length of contract







      If consistent, substantial revenue growth is at the top of your priority list, this is the program for you.

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      What Our Clients Are Saying

      Read exactly what some of our recent UpgradeSelling® participants have said about the program and corresponding results.

      My first two weeks, all I did was watch OnDemand training videos. Of course, Tom and my Senior Marketing Consultant have both been here working with us, with my SMC helping me land a $111K account last year.  

      I finished 8th in QMI in new direct business, #1 at WEEK/HOI ABC and I owe it all to JDA (and my managers here of course.) After 33 yrs on-air as a sportscaster, you’ve helped me make the transition to sales and I’ll be forever grateful. 

      Thanks for all you do!  The men and women at are rock stars!  Let’s rock 2021!

      Lee Hall

      Account Executive, WEEK (Peoria, IL)

      With last week’s successful close of three projects, we have now eclipsed $500,000 in driven revenue. Safe to say, we’re super proud of the team’s accomplishments and look forward to continuing to “win” with the JDA Method.

      Christopher Dierker

      Local Sales Manager, WEEK (Peoria, IL)

      Our Senior Marketing Consultant’s presence brought a new light to this market that really took hold with not just our clients but with our staff. His creativity and conviction to the process made a tremendous impact that will most definitely be reflected in our bottom line. We’ve closed almost a half million so far (nearly $100k of which has been digital and multicast EACH) and expect to be near the 1 million mark by the end of next week … without this process we may have never seen this amount of new business being closed.

      Jeff Dauenhauer

      Director of Sales, KOAT (Albuquerque, NM)

      We’ve had a great experience with our initiative.  Challenging environment, but we’ve had the opportunity to have some very personal and transformative conversations with current and new clients. Our JDA Senior Marketing Consultant, has been the perfect facilitator of those conversations. He’s the right guy, at the right time, when put in front of the right people. We sincerely appreciate how he has gone above and beyond expectations. He’s been flexible, attentive and professional. As I tell my sales team…  we’re having such a great  year, they’re going to write songs and tell fairy tales about our sales successes in the year 2020!

      Dan O’Brien

      General Sales Manager, KEZI (Eugene, OR)

      I am thrilled to continue a relationship that has made our sales team into one of the few that was able to hit the core and new business budget in 2020.

      Chris Topf

      General Manager, WPMT (Harrisburg–Lancaster–Lebanon–York, PA)

      Our Senior Marketing Consultant’s presentations were spot on from the notes during ‘Time Out Week’ with all advertisers, he made each client feel comfortable and listened to problem’s they had and had a plan to help. The clients were engaged with 99% percent of his creative ideas. We closed $442,000, $666,000, and the potential to hit the $1 million mark.

      Darrell Jennings

      Director of Sales, KSEE (Fresno, CA)


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